Please Wait to be Seated

northmodern talks to Please Wait to be Seated about working together as a couple and adapting to a demanding and ever-changing designmarket.
15/01/15 by northmodern

Photographer Line Thit Klein

Line Thit Klein is a photographer working for Danish and foreign lifestyle magazines such as Elle, Vogue, and Food & Wine.

Chef Mikkel Karstad

Mikkel Karstad is a chef, author of the cookery book Spis, and the man behind the blog He lives with his family in Østerbro, which has been his hood the last 17 years. He could not live without the water, the space, and the light in the neighbourhood.   “Some might say that Østerbro is kind of boring, but there’s a calm here that suits me very well indeed, as my daily life is totally hectic, with four kids, full-time job, and plenty of other activities. At the same time it’s close to the city centre with its shopping possibi- lities, to Nørrebro with its quaint little shops, and to the coast and the beach, where I spend a lot of time with my family. Here’s a sense of space and light that you just won’t find anywhere else in the city. I feel at home in Østerbro when we grill in the yard on summer evenings and when I ride my bike to Svanemøllen Havn in the early winter mornings and jump into the icy water. I’d recommend the menswear boutique Goods, Østerbrogade 44, because of their style and amazing service; our local coffee and wine bar La esquina, ryesgade 76 where the food and the atmosphere are top-notch, always; and Normann Copenhagen, Østerbrogade 70, which is a beautiful and different shop, located in a former cinema, with clothes, furniture, books, and accessories.”

Designer Yvonne Koné

Designer Yvonne Koné has recently opened her own store in Store Strandstræde in central Copenhagen, where you can buy her elegant shoes and bags

Lakrids by Johan Bulow

The world’s first gourmet liquorice made in Denmark.
06/01/15 by northmodern

Kristina Dam at northmodern

The creatively octopus-like Copenhagen-based Kristina Dam is making her mark on the design world as both an artist and interior designer, and recently she has even caught the eyes of the editors at both Wallpaper and Monocle, to mention a few. Here she opens up about the secret to her shooting star-career.


As the woman behind the rather ingenious Copenhanger, a ‘floating’ wooden coat rack dispended from the ceiling, Lise Vilslev not surprisingly appreciates problem-solving design. Here the designer shares the story behind her product, and the importance of upholding one’s individuality as a small fish amongst whales.

Naja Utzon Popov at northmodern

This season sculptor, textile designer and ceramicist, Naja Utzon Popov, exhibits at Northmodern.

MUUTO at northmodern

The Danish brand MUUTO is exhibiting at NORTHMODERN this season.