northmodern design fair is to postpone the May 2017 edition.


The northmodern brand will continue to develop partnerships with key industry players and institutional organisations throughout 2017 including supporting the Danish Design Award on May 8th in Copenhagen.

With so much support from so many brands and with a growing number of followers worldwide, northmodern will focus on a series of design related capsule events that offer opportunities to designers and brands in a completely new and exciting way.

We thank all our thousands of visitors from around the world and the many hundreds of brands and designers that will continue to be part of this vision, we look forward to working with you again.


About northmodern

northmodern is Scandinavia’s innovative furniture and design trade show in Bella Center Copenhagen, frist launched in January 2015. northmodern’s vision is to bring back Copenhagen on the world map as a leading destination for furniture & lifestyle brands.


Design Community

Design has always been part of Denmark’s DNA but there is currently a new creative energy coursing through Copenhagen. Whether it is architecture, urban planning, gastronomy, design or fashion, Copenhagen is offering new ways of thinking about old problems. Our mission is to channel that energy to put Copenhagen and Denmark back on the world map as the undisputed destination for the international design community.

We want to harness that energy to unite brands, designers, artists, craftsmen, media and turn this into a real community of creatives working together to innovate, elevate and redefine the design industry.

Uniting culture with design brands, buyers, press, retail and technology, northmodern opens up new and exciting possibilities that venture beyond the boundaries of traditional trade fairs accompanied each season by a creative exhibition.

the Platform

northmodern is perfectly poised to become the undisputed platform for the international furniture, design, lifestyle community.

How will we achieve this?
By elevating and redefining the concept of a trade fair. In practice, this means:
• We offer our exhibitors world-class scenography to enhance their designs
• We design the layout of the fair for optimal impact and navigability
• We handpick and showcase the very best emerging talent
• We’re reaching out across our borders to forge partnerships with like-minded players
• We don’t aspire to be the biggest design fair. We do aspire to be the most innovative

the Venue

Our facilities and location offer us a tremendous edge over competitors:
• The Bella Center is a flexible, modern venue with enough space to accommodate every kind of gathering
• Three modern, comfortable, full-service hotels located in close proximity
• Excellent public infrastructure (metro, airport shuttle service, etc.)
• Close proximity to both the city center and the airport.