FSC Design Award and Mad & Bolig Design Award moves to northmodern May 2017

FSC AWARD is a design competition challenging the Danish design and architect students to create innovative product designs with sustainable wood. The goal is to inspire the new generation of designers to create designs with sustainability as well as see the potential in wood as a natural material.

The competition has been held since 2006, and more than 100 architectural and design students have had their 1:1 prototypes judged by an expert jury throughout the years.


A new alliance have been formed – FSC Design Award, Danish lifestyle magazine Mad & Bolig and northmodern have been plotting to move the 2017 award ceremony to northmodern in May 2017.


The design competition and award ceremony has previously taken place at Aller Media House, but now the partners have chosen to give the award, new attention at the next edition of northmodern. A decision that stems from a strategic background – providing the students with a stronger platform to showcase their products on.


Head of secretariat at FSC Denmark, Loa Dalgaard Worm is excited about the extended collaboration:


“It is the 11th edition of FSC Design Award this time, and I am both happy and proud, when I look back on how the competition has developed over the years. The collaboration with northmodern will bring us even closer with the design community and will potentially engage even more in the work with sustainable wood.”


Editor in Chief at Mad & Bolig; Ulla Johanne Johansson is happy to see the event gain an even bigger platform in the future:


“Through the years we have had a great success placing the FSC Award and Mad & Bolig Design Award at Aller Media house. However the event has grown so much that it feels natural to move it to a larger platform, something northmodern definitely can offer…”



FSC Forest Steward Council, is an international non-profit label for wood and paper. In a FSC- certified forest the wood will only be harvested knowing that the forest will be able to reproduce it. At the same time FSC ensures that animal and plant life is protected, and that the people working in the forest, is educated, has access to safety equipment and a fair salary.