by nord copenhagen

By Nord Copenhagen at northmodern

Where design meets nature.

Simplicity, functionality and timelessness are the key elements of classic Danish design, which continues to gain global appreciation. By Nord Copenhagen is inspired by the diversity of the primitive yet exquisitely beautiful Nordic nature, where the untamed and mellow meet. The By Nord Copenhagen team have an ideological approach to design, where Nordic nature is incorporated into all elements, from colors and materials to production methods. In this way, By Nord Copenhagen continues to hold true to its purpose; designs inspired by natural Nordic elegance.


Nordic living inherently respects nature and this concept is core to By Nord Copenhagen’s sustainable design philosophy. They believe that extended use of organic materials and eco-conscious production enhances the beauty and functionality of the end products.


With a clear reference to the international acclaimed Danish design heritage and design inspiration from the raw yet beautiful Nordic nature – By Nord Copenhagen’s timeless design items combine strong lines and simplicity with powerful images to develop avant-garde home accessories.


To ensure the designs retain their classic timeless quality, By Nord Copenhagen aims to create pieces of design history. Therefore, the collections are not based on seasonal trends but on a design philosophy and work ethic with careful planning before new concepts are approved.


The working mantra for creating the new AW2016 collection has been clean lines, dusty colors and of course beautiful qualities. By Nord Copenhagen’s vision is to capture the essence of Nordic slow living.



At northmodern, visitors can experience By Nord Copenhagen’s most mature collection to date.