Luxury, Design and Sustainability

1.618 is one of northmodern’s founding collaborators. A specialist in sustainable luxury, 1.618 is at the forefront of innovation and design, offering like-minded brands a united presence on the international market. 

It was founded in 2009, by Barbara Coignet, to gather together different design disciplines specialising in sustainable luxury by offering a unique platform to do business in. 1.618 also helps brands to develop their sustainable credentials through comprehensive initiatives. Creating a distinct and desirable universe is the essence of 1.618 and to ensure their benchmarks are maintained, it has a validation committee made up of independent experts.


1.618 is gathering together some of the foremost sustainable design companies for its next exhibition at northmodern. A curated installation of more than twenty designs will be seen in the Crystal Hall from the latest award-winning and pioneering transport, think Toyota’s new Mirai car, to solid wood bicycles and vintage-style hybrids; furniture and lighting; to craft, science, technology and beyond, the world of sustainable luxury all under one roof at northmodern.



WaterRower combines the benefits of traditional rowing with the relaxing noise of moving water. Responsible production based on ethical sourcing.


La Petite Papeterie Française reminds us the magic within written stories through its line of elegant and ethically manufactured paper products.

La Petite Papeterie Française

Metylos represents a group of designers who create ‘made in France’ furniture and decorative objects driven by creativity as well as ethical conception.


“We design today for a better tomorrow” is the motto of the Kovac Family who create elegant wooden lamps with an eco conscience.

Kovac Family

Hualle emphasizes craftsmanship from Southern Chile. Local wood is carefully sourced and selected so artisans can work on high quality products, which become boat paddles or mugs.


Exhibiting for the second time, ENCODED by Boettger presents its woven leather furnitures crafted in Bali.

ENCODED by Boettger

Toyota Denmark reveals its newest innovation in mobility during our curation, the ‘Mirai’ car the ‘2016 World Green car’, rejecting only water vapours on a 480 kilometer distance.


Studio INI presents its latest creation Yalos, a hand-blown lamp that brings together form, material & function to re-contextualise the wasteful incandescent light bulb.


Fiddle + Hammer created the Bellaphone. The wooden speaker made from a Herradura tequila barrel results from the founder’s passion for music, wood and craftsmanship.


Shelter by Edenismes shows a new vision of luxury eco-tourism where simplicity, innovation and well-being promise you a real escape from daily life into the nature.

Rayvolt translates sustainability into timeless, high-tech and stylish electric bikes.


Through its sustainable wood bikes, Bough Bikes inspires people and brings them closer to nature.


Oto Cycles creates a line of electric bikes marrying its passion for vintage with the need for cleaner mobility.


After 9 years of research and development, Spyndi was born. Inspired by the human spine, imagination meets creation at the epicenter of a timeless piece.

SPYNDI picture 11

Preserving traditional craftsmanship, Materia’s furniture chars the wood to obtain the black color by using a Japanese traditional technique called Shou Sugi Ban.


The space world is a constant source of inspiration for Woodlabo that creates geometric wooden lamps.

Woodlabo_Eagle lamp

Saintluc’s furniture creations are based on the innovative use of flax as an ecological alternative to fiberglass offering resistance, strength and elegance.


Sailing can be sustainable since Go Boat creates Danish-designed boat that works on reusable batteries that are charged by solar power.